Version 1.7.4

- Windows : Slight optimizations and improvements in page rendering

- Documents List.rtf : Change in the document list « marker»  : _ListePièces is replaced by _ListePieces (without accent).

- This change brings greater compatibility with word processors and avoids encoding problems.

- At the first launch of the program in version 1.7.4, the new document list is copied:

o Windows : AppData/Roaming/fr.PdfStamper.PdfStamper
o Mac : Library/Application support/fr.PdfStamper.PdfStamper

Version 1.7.3

- Windows: Reduce the size of generated Pdf files

- Document List.rtf: the « Document List » can include images which will be preserved during the production. The RTF file must use ANSI 1252 encoding (default on Windows).
Macintosh version: WARNING, do not modify the original document with TextEdit which does not recognize the images in the rtf format, but only with a word processor (MS Word, Open Office, ...) Also, do not modify the encoding of the document (ANSI 1252).

- Windows: the customizable « Document List » is now in the folder Users / UserName / AppData / Roaming / fr.PdfStamper.PdfStamper

Version 1.7.2
- Minor Fixes and optimisations

Version 1.7.1
- Minor Fixes and optimisations

Version 1.7

- Macintosh : compatibility with Sierra et High Sierra.
- Preferences : Add a panel « External Link » : It is a complete module for sending stamped documents to a predefined destination, such as a folder, a ftp server, or an application.

Version 1.6.3

- Especially for French lawyers : Preferences: Added checkbox "Use PJ_". In this case, the rules for naming parts are modified in PJ1_PartName1, PJ2_PartName2, PJ3_PartName3, etc ... (State Council Directive).

Version 1.6.2
- Document list window : add a checkbox »Page 1 ». When used, only the first page of document is stamped,
- Document list window : add a button « Merge and Index ». It stamps each document, then merges, indexes and generates a « Document list »,
- Macintosh : you can use a « Quartz Filter » when saving documents.

Version 1.6.1
- Minor fixes...

Version 1.6
-  Menu View : View Contents, View Thumbnails, View Table of Contents,
-  Add an Invisible Stamp ( which allow, for example, to index a previously stamped document ),
-  While in Demo version, a text is inserted on documents,
-  New Update Process, with automatic installation of new version.

Version 1.5.3
- Some fixes...

Version 1.5.2
- Stamp prefix and suffix can be displayed in windows,
- When splitting documents according to the stamps, the documents titles can be fixed according to the stamps counter,

- Those two new options are adjustable in the preference window.

Version 1.5.1
- Stamps can be ordered in the Stamp window using "Drag and Drop" in the list,
- Right-Clic ( Control Clic ) in the list of documents in the Stamp and Split window.

Version 1.5
- Stamp and Split : a "Document List "in .rtf format is created

Version 1.4.9
- Stamp and Split : A Pdf File, with a table of contents is created

Version 1.4.8
- Stamp and Split : Document's number can be precised

Version 1.4.7
- MacOS : Compatibility Mavericks et Yosemite

Version 1.4.5
- Manual in English and French
- Documents list : the Add button allows you to select multiple documents
- Pictures to pdf window: the add button allows you to select multiple documents
- Minor fixes

Version 1.3.1

- Extract pages from a PDF document from the Documents list
- Tooltips on buttons in the document window and the Documents list
- Revision of the Update process

Version 1.3
- Transformation jpeg, tiff, png and bmp to pdf

Version 1.2
- waiting Window while processing documents
- Fusion of documents in the Document list

Version 1.1
- Stamps Library : "Export Stamp" and "Import Stamp"
- Keyboard equivalents

Version 1.0.1:
- Stamps Library
- Rotate Pages
- Deleting pages
- Management of annotations
- Management of the command line

Version 1.0:

- First published version